This is my third blog

Bird is the word


I’m starting yet another blog. I wanted to write about random, miscellaneous stuff that wouldn’t fit with the content on the other two blogs, which are about travel and cooking.

Off the top of my head, some topics I’m planning to write about are my journey with starting an Etsy store, building a mobile app, and turning 30 (!)

I decided to use my real first name (as opposed to the abbreviation which I always go by) as the title of this blog and in the WordPress URL, because after almost 30 years of hating my name I’m starting to come around to it.

I hated my name for so long because it’s the name of a bird and not a “real” name. It also feels awkward to say, and all throughout school, teachers misspelled it (Lori Keet) and mis-pronounced it (Loriket — wtf there are two e’s!).

Anyway, have you not heard? The bird is the word. Bird, bird, bird.

If you don’t know wtf am I talking about:

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