Android: Debugging a release APK

A few weeks ago I was finishing up development on my app and was ready to release a beta version …Or so I thought.

I tested it thoroughly in development mode, but when I went to install the release version from the Play store, it kept crashing when I was doing something that worked perfectly fine in dev.

I was logging exceptions but there were no logs to be found, anywhere, including in the Play Developer Console.

Eventually I found out that the app was crashing because Proguard was trying to obfuscate my dependencies and I needed to explicitly exclude them. So, I tried deploying a “release” Build Variant to my USB device in Android Studio, but for some reason I still couldn’t reproduce the error.

Uploading .apks to the Play store and waiting for them to become available for download takes a long time (sometimes 30 minutes). Obviously, this is a terrible way to debug something.

What I really wanted to do was deploy the signed .apk file that Android Studio generated and that I was uploading to the Play store. I don’t know why it took me so long to figure out how to do this, despite my self-proclaimed Google-fu.

  1. Connect your USB device to your computer
  2. Go to the Android SDK folder. On a Mac, mine is installed at /Users/lori/Library/Android/sdk/
  3. Inside the platform-tools folder, there’s a file called adb (Android Debug Bridge). It’s a command line tool that lets you interact with your device.

You can check whether your device is connected by running

 ./adb device

Assuming there’s only one connected device, to install an apk that’s on your computer:

 ./adb install /path/to/your/app-release.apk

Finally, check out the logs for your app

./adb log | grep

Also check out the official docs for ADB for way more info.


Key takeaways from my favorite books on SUCCESS

I have a habit of plowing through books as fast as I can and not going back to summarize what I just read or re-read anything I’ve highlighted. I think I absorb the information subconsciously (at least I hope so), but if you were to ask me what I learned from a specific book, I probably couldn’t remember.

Untitled design.png

I’m writing this post to force myself to re-visit some important concepts I’ve learned from some of my favorite books. The topics range from life to psychology to emotional well-being, but they all contribute to becoming a better human and saving you from yourself so you can do the things you want. Continue reading “Key takeaways from my favorite books on SUCCESS”

Adventures starting an Etsy store

I sometimes make cards for my boyfriend for different holidays, and one day in October 2016 I got the idea that maybe other people would want similar kinds of cards (funny and sarcastic). The more I thought about it, the more excited I got about making cards and selling them on Etsy. I think I liked the idea of putting out stuff into the world that would make other people laugh.

I hardly make any money from my store, and I’m pretty sure I haven’t broken even, but I’m completely fine with it because I think of it as a fun hobby that happens to create income. I also like seeing something I’ve created grow as the number of orders I get each month increase.

My store

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This is my third blog

Bird is the word

I’m starting yet another blog. I wanted to write about random, miscellaneous stuff that wouldn’t fit with the content on the other two blogs, which are about travel and cooking.

Off the top of my head, some topics I’m planning to write about are my journey with starting an Etsy store, building a mobile app, and turning 30 (!)

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